Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrate first-ever virtual NFL Draft

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The first virtual NFL Draft got underway without a hitch on Thursday night.

The coronavirus pandemic kept the NFL world at home, but technology prevailed as commissioner Roger Goodell announced picks from his home.

Philadelphia Eagles fans were also celebrating remotely.

Fans from the Green Legion held a draft party on Zoom.

When asked what's the biggest need for the Eagles, one position was unanimous: the offensive line.

When the fans were asked to describe their feelings towards NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, that was unanimous as well: "boooo."

The NFL Draft has been good for quite a few people in the Delaware Valley.

The drive-thru line at Mona Beverage in Havertown, Pennsylvania was deep.

Buying some cold drinks for a live sporting event was a nice taste of normalcy.

"We're all cooped up, no sports, basketball is canceled obviously, too. It'll be nice to have a live event going on," said Steve Bevilacqua.

And there might not be anything more nostalgic during a Philly sports event than some Chickie's & Pete's to go with it.

GM Sean McGranaghan says they're happy to serve.

"You have people whose tv are going to be glued to it. People will be talking about it. Ordering up our world-famous crabs fries, wings and pizzas and wanna get that bar atmosphere and that's what we give," McGranaghan said.

Some came all the way over from Cherry Hill to South Philadelphia to get some of their favorites.

"Drove into the city to say hi to family, go to Celebre's -- best pizza in the city and then pick up our crab fries and head back to Cherry Hill," said Tony Meccariello.

The Eagles selected TCU wide receiver Jalen Reagor with the 21st overall pick Thursday night.

Stay with 6abc for all your NFL Draft coverage. Round 2 and 3 continues on Friday night at 7 p.m.
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