Good Samaritans rescue driver after car drives into pond in Illinois

NORTHFIELD, Ill. (WPVI) -- Two Good Samaritans rescued the driver of an SUV that plowed through a fence and into a pond in Northfield, Illinois Tuesday afternoon.

The two strangers saw the car go off the road, and jumped into the water to get the man out of his sinking car.

"Ran over here and jumped in the water," said Henry Hebson, Good Samaritan. "Pulled his car to the side and then smashed the window with a rock. Climbed in there and pushed him out.

"We couldn't get the door open, it was locked, so we had to break the window to get the door open," said Good Samaritan Kevin Rickard.

Hebson and Rickard said the driver was unconscious at first but started to wake up as they pulled him to safety.

Police said the driver was the only person in the vehicle.
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