Technology adds support for weight loss, better nutrition

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Losing weight is one of the top resolutions people make when a new year rolls around.

A new program helps them do it, with a 21st century approach.

For most people in order to lose weight and keep it off, you have to make healthy changes to your diet.

A local nutritionist is helping people do that with virtual one-on-one counseling.

"So how did that go?" says nutritionist Britney Kennedy, as she checks in with 22-year-old Mara Jefferies via Skype.

It's a bi-weekly appointment, in a plan that so far has helped Mara lose 28 pounds since late summer.

"I feel really good. I have so much more energy," says Jefferies.

Adding, "I can fit into clothes I haven't worn in a long time."

She signed up with OnPoint Nutrition and is learning to eat healthier.

Her previous typical-college-student-eating-style was packing on the pounds.

"I was just going out to eat a lot and not making the right choices when I would go out to eat, so like a burger and fries even if I had a heavy breakfast," observes Jefferies.

Kennedy says everyone's goals are different so she starts with an initial consultation, then clients keep a food journal.

And they work together to make small changes.

"I give them a general outline to follow but then you can see the specifics of what they choose over here," says Kennedy.

For Jefferies, it meant bringing more balance to her diet.

Kennedy also helped her conquer emotional or stress-eating.

"She just kind of spelled it out for me, like - do you actually feel hungry like stomach rumbling, you have to eat something; or is there a voice in your head saying you just want to eat," she notes.

Jefferies says she still has more weight to lose but now she's on the right track. She had tried popular diet apps in the past.

She says the difference with OnPoint Nutrition is the convenient but, personal interaction.

"It's someone that is there to listen to them, help with problems and also celebrate their successes as time goes on too," says Kennedy.

If you don't have Skype, Kennedy also does appointments over the phone.

The initial consultation is free, then it costs $35 dollars per week for two 30-minute sessions with OnPoint Nutrition.

One-on-one nutrition counseling can cost from $100-$200 for the initial session, and $50-$140 for follow-up 30-minute sessions.

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