Shutdown hurts local company with new drugs in pipeline

Awaiting FDA documents vital to keeping global funding partners
MALVERN, Pa. (WPVI) -- The shutdown has put new drugs in jeopardy.

The FDA only has a few weeks of funding left to review applications.

And it only has a few days to get crucial documents to a Chester County pharmaceutical company, which needs that info to get vital funding for its new opioid alternatives.

"I spray it one time," says Virpax Pharmaceuticals CEO Tony Mack, as he gives his hand a brief spray of Virpax's new painkiller, called DSF100.

Mack says that simple spray could be all the pain relief you need for sprains, back strains, and more.

That quarter-sized circle of clear film contains a full dose of the long-used anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac, but it works more efficiently, and more safely, than if you took it by mouth.

"You can wear your clothes in about a minute and a half after you spray it on," he says.

Mack says medicine's dependence on opioids is changing -

"We see doctors running away from the use of opioids, but where are they going to run to for their patients?" he notes.

He says putting established painkillers into more effective delivery systems is the fastest route for developing new options.

Virpax is also working on a one-shot gel-type painkiller for post-surgery pain.

It's aimed at giving knee & hip replacement patients up to 96 hours of full-strength relief.

"Yeah, 3 days - that extra 24 hours allows us to release these patients with no opioids," he says proudly.

The FDA has indicated it will approve Virpax's spray painkiller when tests are complete.

But Virpax says it needs the ongoing funding to do that.

To learn more about what Virpax is developing, CLICK HERE.
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