'Superman' pharmacist has vaccinated 15,000 people in Montgomery County

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Thursday, April 1, 2021
'Superman' pharmacist has vaccinated 15,000 people in Montgomery County
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A "Superman" pharmacist in Montgomery County has vaccinated more than 15,000 to date, and his work is not done.

SKIPPACK, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Skippack Pharmacy is four aisles and a counter. It's a mom-and-pop shop run by Mayank Amin.

His patients call him Dr. Mak, and has earned a bit of a reputation. He's vaccinated more than 15,000 people against COVID-19.

"The community has a lot more trust in local businesses because the local businesses are owned by people who are in their community," he said.

He's also one of roughly five providers in Montgomery County with the freezer to store the Pfizer vaccine. It was donated to him. Now he's getting 3,500 doses a week.

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From mass clinics at North Penn High School that vaccinated 3,000 to home visits, he almost always wears a Superman suit. He says it makes people smile and makes him recognizable.

"Whether someone has a mask on their face or not, we recognize them from the time they walk through our doors," she said.

The community is getting behind Dr. Mak, too. He has more than 300 volunteers helping to run his clinics. The newest location will be at the pizza shop next door, which donated its extra room as an annex to vaccinate more people on site.

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The plan is to do 20 doses a day at the pharmacy by appointment only. Dr. Mak is trying to get this vaccine out quickly. He has personal reasons why.

"My personal goal is the end of May," he said. That is when his pregnant wife is due to have their first child.

"So we can have a healthy baby, healthy wife," Dr. Mak added.

The couple has been living separately to keep her safe since he's in healthcare. He wants to help save the world so his new baby can have a safe home.