Local volunteer groups headed to Florida to assist with Dorian relief efforts

AJ Suero, with the American Red Cross, is headed to Florida.

It's his first time deploying to a storm. He'll be on the ground assisting with relief efforts with Hurricane Dorian.

"There is some anxiety but excitement at the same time in that we are going to be able to help these communities out," said Suero.

Suero is one of nine Eastern Pennsylvania Red Cross team members leaving or on standby to help the tens of thousands in Dorian's Path. Workers are trained in a variety of areas like shelter operations, emotional support, and much more.

We are optimistic that hopefully, it is not as bad as it is forecast to be but we are prepared for what might come. We always hope for the best prepare for the worst," said Suero.

The Red Cross is not the only local Group headed to Florida.

PECO sent about three dozen employees to help out with what could be thousands of outages.

"You are doing it there to help people that need help. You want to be there when that cut out gets closed and the lights come on and you see everybody is so grateful and so happy. That is why you do it," said Larry Lemaitre, Transmissions manager with PECO

Jana Tidwell, with AAA, says while we won't feel the weather impacts of Dorian, it will have a ripple effect on travel.

"Reach out to your travel agent as soon as possible and understand what the implications are of any cancellations, reroutings, re-bookings or refunds that you might be entitled to," said Tidwell.

Suero is unsure of what he will see on the ground from what could be a Category Four storm but says the Red Cross is prepared.

The truth of it is, the Red Cross usually helps people in the very worst day of their lives," said Suero.

To donate visit: the Red Cross.
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