Iron Pigs become 'Pugs' because of typo

Mike Lucciano has a ton of extra work to do.

"Me and my team stayed late last night pulling orders so it wouldn't be too overwhelming this morning," he said.

He's the merchandise director for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. And he had 300 new orders overnight, but it wasn't for the typical hats and shirts. It was because of a mistake.

"When I was placing an order for t-shirts, the autocorrect on my phone took Iron Pigs to Iron Pugs," explained Kurt Landes, the President and General Manager of the team.

He says by the time he realized what happened, the shirts were already going to press. So instead of stopping and starting over, the team decided to lean into it and have an "Iron Pugs" night, which will be August 19.

"I think we take ownership of our mistakes and this is an opportunity to poke fun at ourselves," Landes said.

On the same day, all the shirts came in, Landes also happened to have a surprise for the office.

He brought in dozens of puppies from two rescue shelters - Road Trip Rescues in Mount Bethel and Red Rock Rescue, Inc. in Walnutport. All of these puppies need adopting that are playing with the staff. And we hope that a few of them may find new homes.
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