Folcroft police officer returns to duty after being shot 7 times

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016
VIDEO: Folcroft officer speaks about surviving shooting
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Folcroft Police Officer Chistopher Dorman speaks about being shot seven times and surviving.

FOLCROFT, Pa. (WPVI) -- As his incredible recovery continues, Folcroft Police Officer Chris Dorman, who was shot seven times earlier this year, will return to duty this week.

The Folcroft Police Department made the announcement Tuesday, Tweeting: "We are proud 2 report Officer Dorman has been cleared to return to full Police Duty. He's first shift will be Friday night. He thanks every1"

Back in June, Officer Dorman was dispatched to an apartment complex in the 1500 block of Elmwood Street.

"Basic call for someone smoking marijuana in the back of an apartment building, just went to check it out," Dorman told Action News.

Dorman says he approached Donte Island in the back of the apartment building, located just a block from the Folcroft Police Department.

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June 24, 2016: Police, SWAT units and ATF agents respond after a police officer is shot multiple times in Folcroft, Delaware County.

He says almost immediately Island punched him, staggering him, and then opened fire, first hitting him in the face.

His wound gushing with blood, Dorman still managed to get on his radio and call for help.

The 25-year-old was able to get away down a breezeway thanks to his brother in blue Patrolman Dave DePietro who arrived in seconds and exchanged gunfire with Island.

"At that time he began firing at him and gave me a chance to retreat and get in Sgt. [William] Bair's car and get to the hospital," DePietro said.

His body riddled with bullets, Dorman didn't think about his injuries but rather his duty as an officer.

"Sgt. Bair just did an awesome job calming me down, just kept talking to me the whole time," Dorman said.

Police captured Island.

Dorman underwent several surgeries and within a couple of days was released to a police caravan and an outpouring of support from the Folcroft community.

During a time when police are under scrutiny, Dorman loves being a cop despite the dangers.