Pennsylvania Painting Masters employs recovering addicts to help them regain confidence

The program aims to help help recovering addicts move on from addiction and start over new.
PHOENIXVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Brandt Norton has been running multiple recovery houses for former addicts around the Phoenixville area since 2018.

He noticed a lot of the people coming through the programs struggling to make money and find jobs due to their records and past addiction issues.

So this past December he and his partner Shawn McGinness, who Brandt helped through recovery from addiction, decided to team up with Matt Carey to start Pennsylvania Painting Masters.

Carey is a painter with about 15 years experience.

"I just did about every trade you can think of but, painting was always the one I was best at," he said.

Norton says the program and business is designed to help people regain confidence and realize their potential again. He hopes the program will help them move on from addiction and start over new.

"The idea is to give people that live in our program the opportunity to work right away," said Norton.

This is only the start for the business and all three hope to grow it and employ former addicts to help them along their journey.

Norton himself is a former addict and uses his past experience to promote awareness about recovery.

"If we don't talk about it, if we aren't open about it - I'll tell anyone I used to inject heroine into my veins. I have no problem telling anybody that. People are shocked by that, I'm like hey I used to is the key word" he said.

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