Woman tormented after poisoning death of her dog

MANTUA, N.J. (WPVI) -- A South Jersey woman is pleading for relief and for justice. Four months ago the Mantua resident's beloved Rottweiler, Bella, was poisoned with antifreeze in her own backyard.

Since then someone has been pelting that same backyard with scraps of meat, dog bones, and even pig feet... all cruel reminders of her loss.

Today Amanda Von Ahnen was playing with her dogs, four-month-old Gracie, and 13-year-old Coco. Weighing on her mind are a couple of recent distressing incidents.

"I have a new puppy now. I don't know if they're trying to make me think that they're going to kill her too," she explained.

Someone last April poisoned Bella, Von Ahnen's one year old Rottweiller.

She rushed Bella to the vet.

"[The veterinarian] tested her for antifreeze, and it came back positive twice."

The poison triggered kidney failure and Bella was euthanized.

Since then, to make it more difficult for someone to place poisoned food in her backyard, Von Ahnen replaced the original small back fence with a much taller one and installed a video camera.

Last month the camera caught someone tossing in a meaty bone, but unfortunately the camera did not capture the doer's face.

Three days ago the camera captured a pig's foot coming in the same way.

"A pig's foot with the meat and everything, fresh from the butcher."

Van Anhnen intercepted both items. She froze the pig's foot and plans is looking for a lab to test it. She wants to know if it is poisoned, or is someone just trying to upset her?

In the meantime, the Mantua police are keeping an eye on the situation.

Police Chief Rodney Sawyer tells us, "It being a follow up to the original incident back in April, where we do have a confirmed poisoning of a pet, we're taking exception and making sure we have additional police vehicles and officers in the area."

The two incidents caught on camera occurred between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning on different weekends. What police plan to do is see who is out and about during that time period in the quiet neighborhood.
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