Shelter Me: Rescued dog brings happiness to owner

POINT PLEASANT, Pa. -- In this week's Shelter Me story we meet Izzie who helped her owner get through a difficult time.

Marge Walsh found Izzie at Lulu's Rescue in October 2010.

"She's got me through some incredibly difficult times. They seem to sense when you're down, and they give you that look of love," said Marge.

Her experience led to a growing involvement with Lulu's, the rescue group that saved Izzie.

She also said, "Izzie has brought me such wonderful happiness that I thought, let me give back too."

Michele Armstrong, the Executive Director, Lulu's Rescue said, "They turn it into wanting to give back and trying to help more Izzie's find their forever.

Lulu is a small, foster-based group with 20 volunteers, but they are responsible for more than 400 adoptions a year.

Michele said, "There's some kind of connection that you can't really describe, it's almost like love at first sight."

Most of the dogs come from high kill shelters, saved from an uncertain future.

Marge said, "They're healthy, they're wonderful, there lovable, they're adoptable, and you have to rescue them."

If you're interested in any of the dogs you've seen in the video, you can visit the Lulu's Rescue website.

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