Tiny hamsters celebrate Valentine's Day with tiny romantic dinner

Planning a romantic Valentine's Day date for that special someone in your life? You might want to draw some inspiration from these tiny hamsters.

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HelloDenizen, the YouTube team that brought you "Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burrito" and other viral hamster hits, just released its Valentine's Day video, a date night between two adorable (and of course) tiny hamsters.

Their magical evening starts off with an intimate gondola ride through town to a charming little bistro. The Valentine's Day special menu includes "Perciatelli Pasta with Red Quinoa Meatballs." The hamsters stare longingly at each other across the table as an accordion sets the mood. When the chef sees that the patrons are satisfied, he leaves them to finish their "Lady and the Tramp"-inspired meal in peace.

As always, Hello Denizen says professional animal trainers ensure that the hamsters' meal is safe for them to eat.

Photos used with permission.

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