Philadelphia police confiscate $1.2 million in drugs, cash, guns

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia police on Friday announced a sweeping $1.2 million crime bust in the city's east division throughout the Kensington neighborhood.

Officials with the Philadelphia Police Department, FBI, DEA, and the Police Assisted Diversion program showed off confiscated drugs including heroin, crack, cocaine, and suboxone.

They displayed more than $75,000 in cash and 20 illegal firearms.
The bust resulted from a three day Philadelphia Police Department anti-crime initiative that targets areas impacted by high levels of gun violence.

"The planning and prework probably started at least two weeks before that," said Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Dennis Wilson. "They did a lot of surveillance hours, they made purchases all over east division - our 24th, 25th, 26th districts - so they were prepared on day one to serve search warrants."

Officials searched 59 properties from February 12 through the 14.

Commissioner Danielle Outlaw explained they targeted the Kensington corridor based on complaints from the community and spikes in violent crime.

"It's monumental not just because of the volume, but because the community spoke out and we were able to deliver and that's what makes this most important," said Outlaw.

Officials said 14 of those arrested were eligible for Police Assisted Diversion. Police say they are planning their next initiative.
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