School District of Philadelphia works to fix connectivity issues for Day 2

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Students in the School District of Philadelphia are expected to see improvements on Thursday as they log on for their second day of school.

A slow server caused connectivity issues for students on the first day. Superintendent Dr. William Hite says the problem is being addressed and servers are being adjusted to handle the influx of students working online.

"Well it is based on volume and you can imagine having 130,000 students log on at the same time, so there have been some delays. We're working to expand our servers and make any changes that will help speed up the process for people moving forward," said school district spokesperson Monica Lewis.

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Students in the School District of Philadelphia are starting the school year on Wednesday, but they won't be in the classroom.

Teams worked late into the night to address the server issues.

On day two of school, our cameras captured more long lines at district headquarters, where parents and students were scrambling to get computers, so they can participate in remote learning.

The school district issued thousands of laptops to students in recent months as the district is operating with a fully remote learning schedule through at least the first quarter.

"We will not be counting students absent if there are extenuating circumstances, and it is an extenuating circumstance if in fact you could not log on because of the server or you did not have the technology," said Dr. Hite.

Dr. Hite promises the district is working out all the kinks.

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As for the long lines for laptop picked up, he admits some families waited until the last minute, which is causing a backup. Dr. Hite reminds everyone there are three locations for pickup: School District Headquarters, the Fitzpatrick Annex Building and Martin Luther King High School.

The locations will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Since April, the district has been alerting families that computers were available.

"I am sorry people have to wait in line. I wish individuals would have taken us up on coming in a lot earlier but nonetheless we are trying to manage this process. We want to get to a point where we will be able to say for every school who has picked up one and who still needs one and then, if they still need one, we are just going to send those to the school with the child's name on it," said Dr. Hite.

Families and students can also call 215-400-4444 or email
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