This singles event lets friends use PowerPoint presentations to 'pitch' their single friends

ByAmanda Brady Localish logo
Tuesday, February 13, 2024
This singles event lets you pitch your single friends to other singles
Got a single friend? Got 5 minutes of evidence why they are a catch? Well, Pitch-a-friend will help you be the ultimate wing person.

PHILADELPHIA -- Got a single friend?

Philly Friend Pitch is looking to change that with its curated Pitch-a-Friend events held in breweries around Philadelphia.

Creators Melissa Schipke and Ariana Brogan got the idea from TikTok and brought the idea to their local watering hole, Punch Buggy Brewery.

The concept is simple: People 'pitch' their friend to other singles as a unique way to find them a date.

Each presenter has 3-5 minutes to present a PowerPoint presentation explaining why they should date their friend.

For more information about upcoming events check out the Pitch-a-Friend website.