Plant-based burgers may not always be the healthier meat alternative, nutritionists say

Plant-based burgers are red-hot in popularity. They look like and cook like burgers. But many people wonder if meat alternatives are healthier than the real thing.

Dietitians say it depends how they're made. Although they may have benefits like more fiber, pay attention to the fat content.

"Some plant-based burgers are going to have added fat, and oftentimes, the added fat is a saturated fat," said Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., Mayo Clinic.

Nutritionists at the Mayo Clinic say coconut oil or palm oil are the most common added fat.

Saturated fats have been linked to higher bad cholesterol, and with it, the risk of heart disease.

Also, check the sodium and calories. Dietitians say eating more plant-based foods is good, but compare the labels.

To read the full report from the Mayo Clinic, CLICK HERE.
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