Pest solutions company has soliciting permits revoked by multiple townships following complaints

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Saturday, June 8, 2024
Upper Chichester police revokes company's soliciting permits
EcoShield Pest Solutions has soliciting permits revoked in Upper Chichester and other townships following complaints

UPPER CHICHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- After numerous complaints, Upper Chichester police revoked solicitor permits on Thursday for a company called EcoShield Pest Solutions, and they're not the first to do so.

Police said violations included soliciting in the evening or at night, duplicating permits and being overly aggressive towards residents.

Between May 14 and May 31 solicitor permits for the company were also revoked in West Caln, Edgmont, and Ridley townships.

Now there's growing concern across the area among some residents who have had interactions with the company's salesman going door to door.

"It's hyper-aggressive, it's predatory," said Carla Zambelli, of East Whiteland Township.

She says she encountered two EcoShield Pest Solution salesmen about a month ago in her neighborhood. In her town, she says solicitor permits weren't revoked because they were never issued.

"I found out from East Whiteland Police Department that they did not have credentials because they did not feel they were sufficient, so they didn't give them permission to solicit."

"These people are not particularly polite. If you say no, they either argue with you, and half the time they don't even identify with whom they work."

Zambelli says in the past, the company had shown up multiple times to the same houses.

"How aggressive these people were, they would keep coming back," Zambelli said. "What you're supposed to do is say thank you very much for your time, I'm sorry to have disturbed you and you move on."

Action News emailed, called, and went to the business' Norristown headquarters on Friday for a response, but we have not heard back. We also reached out to the attorney general's office about the company.

The Better Business Bureau has seen 43 complaints in the last year in the Philadelphia area.

Townships that have revoked EcoShield Pest Solution permits urge residents to call local authorities if their salesmen show up at your door.