American killed, another injured after being electrocuted in Mexico hot tub incident

ByMatt Gutman ABCNews logo
Thursday, June 13, 2024
2 Americans electrocuted in Mexican hot tub, 1 killed: Police
Forensic analysis will be conducted to determine the origin of the apparent electrical failure, law enforcement said.

PUERTO PENASCO, Mexico -- Two American tourists from Texas were electrocuted in a jacuzzi at a resort in Mexico. One was killed and the other was injured.

Authorities are now studying the difficult video that captured the tragic incident, as well as the desperate attempt to help them.

Dramatic video showing the moments two Americans are believed to have been electrocuted in a hot tub at a Mexico resort. Bystanders screamed for help as one person was seen being pulled to safety. Amidst the chaos on that pool deck, you can also see someone else administering CPR.

The Sonora attorney general says it's investigating the incident, stating 43-year-old Jorge was killed, and 35-year-old Lizeth injured. As per policy, they used only the victims' first names.

Sources told ABC News they were a couple from El Paso, Texas.

"The tragic incident unfolding Tuesday evening at the Sonoran Sea Resort near Puerto Peñasco," officials said.

The attorney general added that forensic analysis will be conducted to determine the origin of the electrical failure.

ABC News has reached out to the resort for comment multiple times and has not heard back.

Experts say if you feel an electric current in a pool or hot tub, you should get out of the water immediately without touching any metal fixtures or ladders.