Suspects caught on camera shooting at family during armed carjacking in Mississippi

Friday, May 31, 2024
Suspects caught on camera shooting at family during armed carjacking
Two suspects were caught on camera shooting at a family in an armed Jackson, Mississippi carjacking.

JACKSON, Miss. -- A recent armed carjacking was caught on camera in Mississippi, and police are searching for two suspects.

The whole incident was caught on a Ring camera. Two suspects can be seen shooting at a family as they were saying their goodbyes in the driveway of their West Jackson home, WAPT reported.

Heather Allen and her son were outside the car, but, inside was her oldest son, daughter and two grandchildren.

"They kept hollering, 'give me the keys. Give me the keys. Get out.' My daughter was like 'my babies, my babies are in the car,'" Allen said.

Then, you can see one of the suspects pulling Allen's daughter out of the car.

"He jumps in the driver's seat. I'm standing on the outside looking in, and he points a gun at my oldest boy's face," Allen said.

Her son gets out, and that's when Allen braves it to grab her grandchildren from the back seat.

"My oldest granddaughter that's in the back seat saying, 'Mimi help me. Get me; I'm scared,'" Allen said.

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The whole time, one of the suspects was still yelling for the keys.

When they couldn't figure out how to take that car, Allen threw her keys on the ground.

And they soon take off in Allen's car that was parked in the lawn.

"I've been barricaded in there, really paranoid, shocked still. I'm not sleeping. My oldest son, his anxiety is through the roof. He's even scared. My daughter, she has shock. They're in safety. They are in Batesville right now," Allen said.

Police found the car only two streets down about 40 minutes after the armed carjacking took place.

"The cop said that the car looks good, but it's in the impound lot. I can't get it until they investigate it for fingerprints," Allen said.

Allen's biggest fear now, because the suspects have yet to be found, is the possibility of them coming back.

"I'm scared 'cause I don't want them coming back, like I don't know what their mindset is, you know?" Allen said.