Patients at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia receive a prom experience with dresses and dancing

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Thursday, June 13, 2024
Children of all ages receive the prom experience at CHOP
At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, patients undergoing treatment have a prom experience.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Kids at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia dressed their best for an annual prom celebration.

The carnival themed event gave kids an opportunity to socialize and have fun during their time at the hospital.

"The Joshua Kahan Fund Chop Prom is something we do every year at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia...this is an event that would be typically happening if you were in school...a lot of kids are now missing it, so we like to be able to provide that opportunity for patients here," said Patient Events Coordinator, Kiersten Ferguson.

There were a plethora of games and activities; and, kids got to watch break dancers perform.

"For them to kind of forget about the appointment they had in the morning, forget about all the doctors and nurses coming in and out. They can actually look forward to something enjoyable and just getting to be a kid again," said Ferguson.

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