Pa. State Police trooper who arrested Philly LGBTQ official and her husband no longer on the force

Friday, May 10, 2024
Pa. trooper who arrested Philly LGBTQ official no longer on the force
Pa. State Police trooper who arrested Philly LGBTQ official and her husband no longer on the force

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A Pennsylvania State Police trooper who arrested the director of Philadelphia's Office of LGBT Affairs and her husband is no longer on the force.

A state police spokesperson confirmed to Action News on Friday that the trooper is "no longer employed by our agency."

However, the spokesperson said no further details could be released as the agency doesn't comment on personnel matters.

The trooper's name has not been released.

Celena Morrison-McLean and her husband, Darius McLean, were involved in the incident on I-76 westbound on Saturday, March 2.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, a trooper initiated a traffic stop on I-76 westbound around 9 a.m. for a vehicle with multiple violations. She filmed a portion of the incident.

"I work for the mayor," Morrison-McLean can be heard yelling in the video.

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In a news conference several days after the incident, Morrison-McLean explained her comments.

"Fearing the worst was about to happen, I yelled out to the officer I work for the mayor multiple times hoping that would make him realize he was dealing with people he did not need to be afraid of," she said.

Morrison-McLean was driving a gray Infiniti sedan, which was the vehicle the trooper initially pulled over.

McLean then pulled up in a green Dodge sedan and parked behind the trooper. That prompted the trooper to approach the Dodge.

State police say McLean was verbally combative and resisted arrest.

Video of McLean's arrest went viral, showing the trooper standing over him as he was on the ground.

"That is my husband. That's my husband, please," Morrison-McLean can be heard saying in the video.

While the trooper is trying to handcuff McLean, Morrison-McLean captures it on her phone before a scuffle ensues.

Both Morrison-McLean and McLean were taken into custody for resisting arrest and other related charges but they were released from custody later that night.

The McLeans said in the March news conference it's not the traffic stop itself, but how they were treated that's a concern.

"The trooper was aggressive. I think it's clear from the video that the trooper was aggressive," said their attorney, Kevin Mincey.

The McLeans also said during the news conference they would pursue civil action.