Suspects wanted for dozens of car break-ins across Philly, including Roxborough

Thursday, June 20, 2024
Suspects sought after dozens of cars broken into in Roxborough
Suspects sought after dozens of cars broken into in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia police are searching for four men who broke into about 40 cars in the Roxborough section of the city.

Authorities say the thefts happened around 5:15 a.m. Monday.

The suspects broke into cars parked along the 8200 block of Henry Avenue, the 700 block of Summit Avenue and the 600 block of Autumn River Run.

Gabriella Perry, a resident of the Summit Park Community apartment complex, said she was grateful her car wasn't hit this time. She said she couldn't help but feel for the car owners who were affected by the actions of vandals.

"It looked like they took like a crowbar or something and just like broke all the glass out," Perry said. "It was heartbreaking just to wake up on a Monday morning and have your car ran through."

The group was in a Black Mercedes SUV with tinted windows.

Police did not provide any details on what was taken from the vehicles. However, one victim who didn't want to be on camera said she had some petty cash stolen out of her car.

In Fairmount, on the 800 blocks of North 22nd and 23rd streets, neighbors said vandals broke into at least five vehicles overnight. In most cases either the front driver or front passenger windows were shattered, leaving people's belongings exposed.

Neighbor, Eric Moore, said there had been numerous break-ins in the last two weeks alone, including his vehicle, which had its window broken just 10 days ago.

"They've just been every day now, almost," Moore told Action News. "I mean for the past two weeks we've had at least...probably four or five."

Another neighbor said some have resorted to staying up through the night to ensure their vehicles' well-being.

"It's sickening, like we're up all night trying to watch our vehicles and then have to go to work," Ayesha Smith said.

When asked what they'd like to see done, neighbors said they would love more police patrols at night. For now, Moore said he would try to pull a positive out of the situation.

"Things like that happen," he said. "That's the city."

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call 215-686-TIPS.