Wawa superfan collects 1,000 order slips after joke turns into challenge

Tyler Gyurisin was on a mission to find Wawa order slip numbers 0 to 999.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Wawa superfan goes viral after collecting 1,000 order slips
What started as a joke in 2021 quickly turned into a challenge for Tyler Gyurisin, who set out to find Wawa order slip numbers 0 to 999.

BARNEGAT, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Wawa is well known and loved by many, but have you ever actually taken into account how many times you've ordered from the popular chain?

Well one guy did, and he's saved every numbered order slip in the process.

"I've been going to Wawa my whole life. I always start my day with a coffee. I usually get lunch from there... sometimes dinner," explained Tyler Gyurisin, of Barnegat, New Jersey.

What started as a joke in 2021 quickly turned into a challenge.

"The collection just got bigger and bigger. Eventually, I was like, 'Now I need to collect all of them.' Now here we are," said Gyurisin as he showed his order slips.

For years he has been saving his Wawa order slips.

On Monday he decided to lay them out -- all 1,000 of them -- in customer order numbers from 0 to 999.

Then he took to social media to share.

"I've been sitting in this collection for a couple of months now. I had the motivation to lay them all out today," Gyurisin said.

Once he knew he was getting close to his goal, he started going two to three times a day and even asking his friends for help.

"I would start telling my friends, 'Hey I need #212 if you find order #212 please send it my way,'" explained Gyurisin.

From New Jersey to Pennsylvania and Orlando, he's been all over. He said he doesn't even want to think about how much money he's spent at Wawa alone.

Wawa even replied to his post praising his dedication saying, "This is the level of dedication we're talking about."

Sometimes, or in Gyurisin's case every day, you just "Gottahava Wawa."

"I get mac and cheese every single day. I get an iced latte every morning. Wawa is like a pretty standard part of my diet," Gyurisin explained.

The next goal he is working towards is getting a photo in front of every single Wawa. He said this challenge actually started before the order slip challenge.

They are opening stores faster than he can keep up with. Gyurisin said this will definitely take a few years to accomplish.