Video shows girl, 12, swing snake in frantic effort to save pet guinea pig

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Thursday, February 1, 2024
Girl, 12, swings snake in frantic effort to save pet guinea pig
Video shows a 12-year-old girl go to extreme lengths to save her pet guinea pig from a large snake.

Harrowing video shows a girl in Australia swing around an eight-foot python as she tried desperately to free her guinea pig.

Twelve-year-old Rosie Wightman was peering in the bushes of her backyard when she noticed a large snake was about to eat her pet named MaxiBon.

That's when Rosie grabbed the python and began swinging it around to loosen the snake's grip on her guinea pig.

Her father says she was screaming the whole time during the terrifying encounter.

Rosie eventually tosses the python into a neighbor's yard, but she was able to save her pet when it was all over.

And yes, little MaxiBon is alive and well.