Enjoy duck wings and a wall of self-serve beers at Phoenixville's Rivertown Taps

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Monday, April 8, 2024
Pour your own craft beer or wine at Rivertown Taps self-serve bar
Rivertown Taps is Phoenixville's first self-serve drink tap wall.

PHOENIXVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Rivertown Taps is Phoenixville's first self-serve drink tap wall.

With 36 taps to choose from including hard-to-find craft beers, kombucha, seltzer, mead and wine.

The tap wall allows guests to taste without committing to a full pour, with each ounce calculated on your tab.

Owner and chef Lewis Leiterman created an approachable but elevated gastropub menu featuring familiar dishes made to fit the setting.

His duck wings are an alteration of duck confit, preparing the wings in a similar fashion but plating them in a more bar friendly wing form.

There are pork belly burnt ends upgraded with a fresh ginger and cucumber salad to balance the bite.

The restaurant is along Phoenixville's historic district and the building dates back to 1880.

Throughout the space, the owners saved some of the history and put it on display.

There is a wood underbar, exposing the original brick and using nails made at the original Phoenixville Foundry to hang their beer flight boards.

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226 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460