'Some stinky feet behind me:' Houston 4-year-old calls out woman for bad behavior during his first airplane flight

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Houston 4-year-old reacts to woman's feet on his plane seat
The 4-year-old had a memorable first trip!

HOUSTON -- A 4-year-old Houston boy's first round-trip experience on a plane is one he likely won't forget.

And thanks to his viral reaction, many of us might not forget it either!

Rodney Small and his dad Darryl were on the way home to Houston from Orlando, Florida on May 16 when Rodney noticed something on the armrest of his seat: bare feet.

"Some stinky feet behind me," Rodney said directly into the camera. His dad was already rolling, so he could capture Rodney's reaction to take off, but he ended up catching that viral gem instead.

"It's a lady!" Rodney said of the discovery. But he didn't stop there.

"Why do you have your feet behind me?" Rodney can be heard asking in the video, which has been viewed more than 133,000 times and counting at the time of this story.

Sometimes taking the direct approach gets the best results.

Darryl told KTRK-TV that after he stopped recording, the woman apologized. He believes she was just likely on her iPad and didn't notice, but once Rodney spoke to her, she removed her feet.

"I turned around so her feet could get off my seat," Rodney explained to KTRK on Tuesday.

But there were definitely no hard feelings, Darryl said. "We weren't offended or anything, it was just his reaction."

"Knowing his spontaneous attitude, there's no telling what we're going to get from him so for me, like Snapchat and everything, I always have the camera rolling," Darryl continued.

Well, forgive and forget. Darryl said his son and the passenger didn't really interact after that, and Rodney quickly moved on.

Besides, he was probably still reflecting on the trip to Disney World, which is one of the stops they made in Orlando.

This wasn't the first time Rodney's spunky attitude captured the attention of the internet.

His dad shared a video on Facebook and Instagram of when Rodney was 2 years old where he literally soaked up the opportunity to use his Batman umbrella.

Instead of waiting for the rain, Darryl turned on the sprinkler.

If you're ready to keep up with more of Rodney's adventures, he now has an Instagram page.