Saving: Consignment tips

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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You can make a pretty penny by consigning your clothes - but some stores offer consignors better deals than others.

If you're spring-cleaning your closet, consider consigning some of your clothes for extra cash.

You can make a pretty penny by consigning your old clothes - but some stores offer consignors better deals than others.

Jessica Rennard is the manager of the Wardrobe Boutique, a re-sale store that accepts both donations and items for consignment.

Money raised goes to the Career Wardrobe - a nonprofit that helps women transitioning back to the work.

"Anything that is high-end, current and trendy and is a brand like Gucci or Prada - we'll take on consignment. It'll go in a contract and you'll get paid monthly 50% commission when it sells," says Rennard.

Here you can consign your items for up to 90 days.

"And at the end of 90 days, you have the option to pick your items up or they can go on donate and we'll send you a tax write-off so you don't have to worry about coming back," she adds.

But not all consignment stores are alike so be choosy.

Ask how much the shop is going to charge for your items - and if you're not satisfied, find another place.

"We try to do about half or about 75-percent off retail," says Rennard.

Also, get all terms in writing and look for hidden fees. Some shops charge things like "administration fees."

Go over your items with the store owner or manager so you're not later informed the price is going down because of a tear or stain.

And be aware - some shops offer up-front payments for your items. Others, like the Wardrobe Boutique, offer a percentage of what the item sells for. You can usually make more IF you're willing to wait.

Also - call ahead to see if you need an appointment to go through your items.

"We are looking for them clean or folded in a shopping bag or on hangers," said Rennard.

Again, at the Wardrobe Boutique - you'll get 50% of what your item sells for but some places offer less.

Make sure you know exactly what your cut will be, how long the consignment period is and what happens to your items if they don't sell.

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