Seagull steals GoPro, captures fantastic aerial footage

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Monday, July 13, 2015
A wily seagull seems to snatch up a GoPro camera and fly away with it in a video going viral.

If you've seen Finding Nemo you'll know that a seagull's favorite word is "mine," and this video seems to prove that.

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The video, which was uploaded in German last week, appears to show a seagull stealing a GoPro camera. The camera is placed on a wall to get a good view of the animal, but this set-up backfires on the camera's owner. The seagull trots forward and scoops the camera up with its beak, flying off with it.

The camera is eventually set down on a different wall. Since the title of the YouTube video says the camera belongs to the person who uploaded it, the camera and owner were presumably reunited after the wily seagull flew off.

The video's uploader said it was filmed on one of the Cies Islands, which are off the northwest coast of Spain. The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube, with many commenting -- in multiple languages -- that the seagull reminds them of the ones in the Pixar film.

Anyone who has seen ''Finding Nemo'' knows that a seagull's favorite word is ''Mine.''
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Though the authenticity of this video has not been verified, similar situations have been known to happen. In 2011 a different video of a seagull stealing a GoPro went viral, and many questioned whether it was real. At the time ABC News spoke with the person who took the video and GoPro, who both said that the seagull really did take the camera while it was still recording.

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