Saving with 6abc: Home organizing company holds its own garage sale

This is the granddaddy of all garage sales.

A local company is trying to empty its 30,000 foot warehouse starting Friday.

You'll find all kinds of used items from big things to small even some cool, vintage items, as well.

Richard Bastian started a home organizing company called Organizational Boot Camp.

"And what we do is we declutter their home, take stuff out of their homes, whether its trash or donations we can take to local charities and a lot of stuff we take and designated for resale," Richard Bastian of Organizational Bootcamp said.

The company splits the profits with its clients, the homeowners.

But it's done such a great job at cleaning out homes, its amassed more items than it can sell online or at its retail store.

"We've accumulated over the last six, seven months. We've accumulated everything you see in this warehouse and we're going to have our first warehouse sale," Bastian said.

Yes, Organizational Bootcamp doing some spring cleaning of its own!

And at its first warehouse sale you'll find all kinds of neat things: cool music stuff including turn tables, appliances, lawn and garden supplies, regular tools and power tools, all kinds of furniture, china, and kids' items.

Everything from clothes to stuffed animals to cars.

The company typically sells things for around 15-percent of what it believes the price would normally be.

If you'd like to head to this monstrous garage sale here's the info:

Friday from 2pm to 6pm
Saturday from 9am until 6pm.
The address is 955 River Road, New Castle, Delaware.
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