What's The Deal: Best buys in November

When thinking about November deals, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday probably come to mind.

However, those aren't the only days to shop - the whole month can bring pretty awesome savings.

Deal News has some of the best and worst things to buy, to get a bargain.

Every month there are shopping deals - and duds - out at the stores.

And every month we turn to partner site Deal News, for the best - and worst - buys.

First on the November bargain list?

Appliances: from vacuums to refrigerators, this is the month for deals.

If your taste turns more to high tech, November is also the month for laptops, 4K TVs, prior-generation Apple products and video games.

November is also the time to shop for clothes.

Some online retailers will start their Black Friday apparel deals before Black Friday.

You'll also find great deals on Cyber Monday.

Also, now is the time to take advantage of those post-Halloween deals.

Candy, costumes, and decor are anywhere from 30 to 50 percent off right now... but you better hurry as items tend to go fast.

If you're looking to travel for New Year's Eve, Airfare app Hopper says now is the time.

They say, after tomorrow, you can expect to pay more than 350 dollars round trip.

Now what about November duds: Things you don't want to buy this month.

Deal News says to wait till December for gift cards, toys, and jewelry.

They also recommend waiting until the new year to buy exercise equipment.

One more surprising deal?

Summer Camp sessions.

Experts say rates can be lower in November, as different organizations look to fill up their rosters before the new year.
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