Work continues on large sinkhole in Glenside

GLENSIDE, Pa. (WPVI) -- John Hotz has lived in his Glenside, Montgomery County neighborhood for over 30 years.

He says he's never seen anything like what he saw Wednesday morning: The earth caved in and a large sinkhole formed just doors from his home.

"There have been varying reports, 25 to 35 feet deep, that is enough to swallow the whole house if it had kept going," Hotz said.

A day later, it's a much different picture. There was evidence that crews were working around the clock to fill-in the hole.

By midday Thursday, most of the massive crater had been covered with cement and crushed stone to stabilize the area.

There was a water main break, but Aqua says it can't confirm it's the reason for the ground collapsing.

Engineers are still investigating the exact cause.

Water service has been restored to the 60 to 65 people that lost service.

The two homes most impacted by the sinkhole are now uninhabitable.

One was unoccupied and for sale, the family in the other home made it out safely.

The sinkhole is now just about all covered in, but even when it is, it will be talk of the town for a while.

"I am amazed they got this thing filled in as much as they did because that was a gigantic hole," resident Joe Broderick said.

Homeowners impacted by the water main brake are advised to boil their water until at least Saturday when Aqua is expected to give the all clear.
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