Storm dumps about 2 feet of snow on parts of Berks County

READING, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Many residents and business owners in Berks County have been spending Tuesday digging out from the snowstorm.

Around 23 inches of snow fell in Reading, leaving many people's cars buried under the snow.

"We're digging out from the snowstorm. Obviously, it's a mess," said Mary Fiucci of Reading.

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The view from the pagoda in Reading showed the city under the snow.

"I'm trying to have some fun," said Edwin Ortiz, riding a snowmobile through Reading's narrow streets, with plans to ride to the pagoda.

In downtown Reading, main streets were clear, while building managers were using snow blowers to remove the snow.

Lorde Zackery Vouse said his company invested in a snow blower because using a shovel in a storm like this can be a tough job.

"Backbreaker, literally back pain, taking two to three hours," said Vouse.
Most businesses were closed in downtown Reading. However, we found some people still working.

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"I've got a property for sale today, I'm trying to show it, and I want to make a good first impression," said Sean Moretti, who works in real estate in Reading.

The owner of Patient Care Pharmacy said he's been doing more deliveries today since many people are snowed in.

"No matter what, people need medication every day," said Yegnesh Patel.

Bern Township got hit with around 24 inches of snow. While some families took breaks between shoveling to have playful snowball fights, others kept shoveling for hours.

"Four hours, the plows kept coming and plowing everything over, so by the time I was able to get to there, it was like the hardest part of the whole thing," said Heriberto Nieves, referring to the end of his driveway in Bern Township.
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