Historic celebration at Independence Nat'l Historical Park

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's a celebration 100 years in the making, and everyone is invited!

Workers threw a big bash at Independence National Historical Park for the National Park Service's Centennial Celebration on Thursday.

"We want people to remember that this is their park, and we want people - during the next 100 years - to start to really think about ways they can engage and be more stewards of the park," said public affairs officer Gina Gilliam.

There were activities for the entire family to commemorate this huge milestone, and even cupcakes were served as a treat.

A highlight of the festivities was the unveiling of a bronze plaque dedicated to Stephen Mather. He's credited with helping Congress create the National Park Service.

"It means the preservation of history. It's so easy to forget where we come from and who are and, without that, it is hard to have a sense of where you really want to go," said Edward Hector.

Park employees say this is not only a celebration, but an opportunity to create an awareness about the National Park Service and to teach people about our national treasures.

"It is a resource that everyone has an ownership in and we, as a general population, need to be aware of it and keep good stewardship of it and make sure it is around for future generations," said Kuei Fan of Chestnut Heights, New York.
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