Miami student's decorated graduation cap causes bomb scare

MIAMI, Florida (WPVI) -- A student in Miami almost missed his chance to get his diploma on stage because police thought there was a bomb strapped to his graduation cap.

"I decorated it with an Arduino, which is sort of like a small computer that you can program," said Can Cevik.

Cevik is a computer engineering major at Florida International University.

He used his coding skills to make a mini computer on his cap read "FIU 2019".

When he approached the convention center, he was stopped by cops who thought it was something sinister.

They asked him to drop it and step away.

"A couple hours before graduation, I just taped it right on my cap, and I guess that's what made it look a bit sketchy maybe. I probably won't bring anything like this to a graduation or any other public event again," Cevik says.

Police say the exposed wires and battery raised a few red flags and they weren't taking any chances.

Cevik made it to the ceremony with a backup cap.

The custom cap is still in police custody.
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