N.Y. woman turning 101 years old wants 101 birthday cards

MONTGOMERY, New York (WPVI) -- A New York woman is about to reach a milestone.

She will soon be celebrating her 101st birthday, and her nursing home would like you to help her celebrate!

Julia Muller is as sharp and happy a centenarian as you'll find, and she is days away from celebrating her 101st birthday.

"I'm contented and I hope everyone else would be as contented," Muller said.

Last year Muller hit the century mark in style, but the highlight was having 100 birthday cards mailed to her many from strangers.

Muller grew up in Rochester and worked in payroll processing on Wall Street.

She was married for 35 years. For the last five years, she's been at Montgomery Nursing Home in Orange County.

"She has a lot of life, she's wonderful. She likes to be kept busy, so we keep her busy with our four jobs," said Noreen Colletti of Montgomery Nursing Home.

That's right Muller has four jobs! She is the president of council meetings, makes morning announcements, proofreads newsletters before printing and even leads a nightly exercise routine.

"I was very active growing up and I'm a good eater," Muller said.

Her birthday is on Wednesday, Feb. 24, and the goal this year is 101 cards.

Because she has no close family members, a friend started the card campaign to commemorate Muller's milestone birthday and to let her know she is not forgotten.

"I sent out some Facebook messages and a bunch of emails, put it in our little paper to make sure that she had it celebrated and it worked," said Kelli Palinkas, a friend.

Muller says her only secret to living a long life is maintaining a positive attitude.

"What happened yesterday, happened yesterday, so every day is a new day," Muller said.

Everyone is encouraged to send Muller a birthday card.

If you'd like to send Julia a card, please send it to:

Julia Muller
Montgomery Nursing Home
2817 Albany Post Road
Montgomery, NY 12549
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