'Scooter Girl' photobomb goes viral on social media

OMAHA, NE (WPVI) -- What many are calling the 'ultimate photobomb' is gaining lots of attention on social media.

When Kenyatta Jefferson saw her chance, she said she had to take it.

"I just seen this wedding party, I was like OMG I like doing stuff like that, I was hoping they didn't get mad, I just kind of zoomed through the first time," Kenyatta said.

And zoom through she did, on a lime scooter wearing a tie-dye dress!

In the background, a preppy group of groomsmen taking wedding photos.

Imagine to her surprise, when she dashed down the hill, the young men erupted in cheers.

So, she took that as a call for an encore, and tore through the frame again, only this time photographers were ready.

A photo of the epic moment has since gone viral.

Especially since the wedding photographers used the hashtag #ScooterGirl on social media to track down Johnson after she zoomed away within a matter of seconds after taking the photo.

Kenyatta is clearly the star of the photobomb, but the groomsmen and the groom were also really good sports to make the photo as legendary as it was.
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