Woman getting blasted for sexual harassment after taking photo of 'fine' doctor

A woman is getting blasted for sexual harassment after taking a picture of her "fine" dermatologist.

Twitter user Purple Goddess took a picture of her dermatologist without his knowledge and posted it, saying he is "fine."

A lot of women agreed, saying things like "he is yummy."

But others called the tweet "sick" and a form of "sexual harassment," asking what the response would be if the genders were reversed.

And this whole thing really erupted when Purple Goddess then identified the doctor by tweeting a picture of his business card.

So how does the good doctor himself feel about all of this?

He reportedly says he's a "low key individual" so he was kind of "freaking out" when he heard he was trending on Twitter. But then he found the whole situation pretty funny.

As far as the discussion of sexual harassment and double standards, the doctor says he thinks people upset about the tweets made excellent points but he never felt like a "victim" because of his "male privilege" and never before feeling threatened or intimidated by a woman in a sexual manner.
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