South Jersey family honors loved one by giving back

MARLTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- A South Jersey family continues to give back at the holidays.

They set up a toy drive in honor of a loved one who suffered a traumatic brain injury a short time after birth.

And this year's effort to make other children smile at Christmas has proven once again a huge success.

Thousands of donated toys filled Sam Levin's family home and garage in Marlton, Burlington County.

Sam's uncle and aunt created Holton's Heroes in honor of his cousin, Holton Weingrad, who suffered a traumatic brain injury at just 11 weeks old.

"All the schools, churches, councils,'s great because we're getting so many toys," said Sam.

Once all the toys are loaded onto the truck, it's then headed to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The moment of inspiration came when Santa paid a visit to Holton at UCLA Medical Center in California.

"We were sitting in a room, my nephew was in a coma that point at 11 weeks old. And Santa Claus and a little wagon with firemen came by and gave my niece and my nephew gifts. And it was just this moment of, somebody cares, somebody is thinking of us," said Lauren Levin.
Holton is Lauren's nephew and on the east coast she spearheads the nonprofit inspired by him.

The two-year-old lives with his parents in Los Angeles and is now mentally and physically disabled. His family loves his radiant smike and thick head of hair.

On Tuesday, Holton's Heroes helpers wore t-shirts sold to raise money for the nonprofit. Their mascot is an elephant with his trunk up and yes, that head of hair.

The toy drive is just one part of the organization's good work, it's become a resource for families of children with traumatic brain injuries.

The toy drive is as much for the kids at CHOP as it is for their families.

"The thought of even going out and getting a toy for a holiday is not even on their mind. So to be able to go downstairs to CHOP and shop for free for their children that are in the hospital is just an amazing gift to the parent," said Lauren.

Foo more information or to donate to Holton's Heroes, CLICK HERE.
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