6-year-old making history at Scripps National Spelling Bee

The youngest contestant ever to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee is looking to make even more history.

In March, Edith Fuller from Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the time, just 5-years-old, became the youngest person ever to qualify.

"The room was quite large and there were 53 at that competition and most of them were probably 10 to 15. It could be very intimidating," her mother Annie Fuller said.

She correctly spelled "baedeker."

"It didn't even seem difficult for her. I couldn't spell the words she spelled," her father Justin Fuller said.

It didn't end there.

Edith correctly spelled "sevruga," "Buddha," "mesmerize," and "sarsaparilla."

Then it all came down to one word - "jnana."

After a deep breath, Edith spelled it without any trouble.

The meaning of jnana? Knowledge.

So how did this all begin?

"We were just having fun around the table. Can you spell cat? What else can you spell? One of us threw out the word 'restaurant' and, she spelled it. How did she know that?" Annie Fuller said.

Edith, now 6, is studying words in her dictionary that is nearly as big as her.

She arrived in Washington on Tuesday after completing a first round spelling test.

And she has already passed one round Wednesday on the national stage. Her first word? Nyctinasty. A nastic movement, such as the closing of petals, that occurs in response to the alternation of day and night, according to Dictionary.com.

She then correctly spelled her second word - 'tapas.'

However, Edith did not make it to the finals, due to her score on the written test. But something tells us she will be back!

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