Carlisle: Mark Cuban tech rescinded

ByTim MacMahon via ESPN logo
Saturday, December 6, 2014

DALLAS -- The technical foul Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban claimed was called on him -- but officially assessed to assistant coach Monte Mathis -- has been rescinded by the NBA, head coach Rick Carlisle said.

The NBA office has not commented on the technical foul, which was called by referee Nick Buchert with 10:30 remaining in the third quarter of the Mavs' 107-105 win Wednesday over the Milwaukee Bucks.

According to Cuban and Carlisle, it was a comment from the Mavs' owner that drew the referee's ire. However, Cuban is not eligible to be called for a technical foul because he doesn't sit on the Mavs' bench. Cuban believes Buchert recognized his mistake and attempted to mask it by calling the technical on Mathis.

"It was ridiculous," Cuban said Friday. "They knew it, and the ref came up to Monte after the fact and said, 'Sorry, I'll send a note.'"

Cuban, who has been assessed fines totaling more than $1 million for public criticism of officiating, said the call was in response to mild feedback from him after he felt a foul should have been called on a Bucks defender. He said he did not curse or say anything inflammatory.

"I didn't even get a good shot in," said Cuban, who sits behind the Mavs' bench at road games and in a courtside seat next to the bench at home games. "But I'm a lot more discreet in picking my spots these days."

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