Philadelphia Eagles players wear works of art - on their feet

HAVERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- When the Eagles step onto the field, it's like a work of art - at least on their feet.

Havertown native Doug Wager designs custom cleats for Eagles players, everyone from Carson Wentz to Brandon Graham.

Each pair is unique and custom ordered.

Graham, for example, wanted images of his children on his favorite cleats.

"It's special, you know," said Graham, "Certain moments where you feel like giving up, it's something that can remind you of who you're doing it for."

Wager is currently working on his biggest order of the season, over 300 sneakers and cleats designed to bring awareness to the Eagles Autism Foundation.

For Wager, it a labor of love - the love of sports and art. And he's constantly testing his creativity.

"What's the next cool thing I can come up with? How can I be clever?" says Wager, "How can I put a little bit of me into this and still honor what the player wants?"
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