Gardner Minshew is fired up to see dad after leading Philadelphia Eagles to victory

It has been quite an NFL journey forPhiladelphia EaglesquarterbackGardner Minshew II, who added one more chapter to his already fun career bookon Sunday.

The2019 sixth-round draft pick by theJacksonville Jaguarsout of Washington State became a household name during the 2019 season when he took over the starting role due to an injury toNick Foles. Minshew led Jacksonville to a 6-6 record and had an impressive rookie season by the time it concluded.

During Minshew's time as starting quarterback for the Jaguars, his swag, mullet and "jorts"were an instant hit among fans.

In the 2020 season, Minshew remained the Jaguars' starter until a Week 7 injury sidelined him for seven weeks. He returned to the field in Week 14 -- throwing for 178 yards and a touchdown -- afterMike Glennonwas benched in a 31-10 loss to theTennessee Titans. In Week 15, Minshew reprised his starting role again before losing the job to Glennon the following week.Then, in August, Minshew's journey started a new chapter when he was traded to the Eagles.

His latest time to shinecame Sunday when Jalen Hurts was sidelined with an injury. In his first start as an Eagle, Minshew went 20-of-25 for 242 yards and two touchdowns as Philadelphia beat theNew York Jets33-18.His 133.7 passer ratingwas the highest for an Eagles starter since Foles (141.4) in the 2017 NFC Championship Game.

And the one person who has been there for all of Minshew's NFL career chapters? His father.

He and his father, Flint, shared a sweet moment after Minshew's big Sunday win.

What will be the next chapter in Minshew's NFL career? We can't wait.

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