Hazing investigation at St. Joseph's University

WYNNFIELD (WPVI) -- Action News has learned that St. Joseph's University is conducting an internal investigation into allegations of hazing involving the women's softball team.

Saint Joseph's University says an investigation is underway into the hazing allegations involving its women's softball team.

On Thursday Action News was there as the team bus set off for Virginia. It departed late due to the just launched investigation.

Sources tell Action News that freshmen members of the softball team have been forced to undergo hazing for some time.

Sources allege that students were given written instructions in a note from upperclassmen telling them that it was deliverance week, that the time has come for them to show respect, that it's time for them to realize their place and if they don't follow instructions there will be dire consequences.

Sources say the students being initiated had to consume alcohol, perform acts involving inappropriate touching, perform lap dances for upperclassman on the team, mimic various sex acts and other allegations too graphic to be outlined.

The alleged hazing took place not on campus but at the home of an upperclassman.

On Thursday night, university spokesman Joe Lunardi confirmed that they are aware of the allegations and that they are being taken seriously.

He also says there are multiple versions of the same event, that multiple interviews with student athletes, coaches and other staff members have taken place and more are still to come.

According to Lunardi, the university has strict guidelines against hazing and remedial action has been taken to assure the safety of all student athletes.

He says they believe something happened and they want to get to the bottom of it, adding that people will be held accountable if the allegations prove to be true.
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