Redskins' DeSean Jackson on return to Philly: 'You never know'

PHILADELPHIA -- Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson heard a different reaction than he's used to Sunday in his former stadium, perhaps his old fans' way of saying they want him back. They didn't boo him.

"Interesting, man," said Jackson, released by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2014 offseason. "First time ever."

It's easy to see that this might not be a coincidence. Jackson, still a playmaker, will be free after the season -- and the Eagles need someone who fits his description. There has already been speculation about Jackson possibly being wooed again by the Eagles in three months. A lot can happen between now and then -- and the Redskins have more important immediate matters, such as the playoffs, to worry about.

But there already have been reports saying there might be some mutual interest in a reunion. Jackson said Friday he's just worried about finishing this season. After the Redskins' 27-22 win, Jackson was asked about if he thought the fans were trying to lure him back to the city where he spent his first six seasons.

"You never know," Jackson said. "I'm not sure. We'll see what happens. You never know how it plays out."

Of course, Eagles fans saw firsthand -- again -- the impact Jackson can make. He caught three passes for 102 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter that gave Washington a 14-13 lead. He also caught a 21-yard pass along the sideline in which he had to get both feet in bounds -- and barely did, as replays upheld.

"I wish I could do that every game, not just when I come back to Philly," Jackson said of the touchdown. "Fortunately I was able to come back and make big plays against my former team, but regardless of who it is, I enjoy doing it."

In the past, any catch Jackson made in Philadelphia would have been greeted by boos. In three games here vs. the Eagles, Jackson has caught a combined 12 passes for 260 yards and two touchdowns.

"Who wants to get booed, especially with all you've done and you started somewhere," Jackson said. "I definitely don't want to get booed, but it's always great to get support regardless of who it's coming from."

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