Runaway pig leads police in Connecticut on 45 minute chase

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Thursday, April 23, 2020
Pig leads officers in CT on 45 min chase
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They eventually trapped the pig with a garbage can.

STAMFORD, Connecticut -- Connecticut police officers struggled to bring home the bacon.

A runaway pig led officers on a wild chase in Stamford last week.

The pig managed to evade capture for more than 45 minutes, leading officers in circles.

They even had it surrounded at one point, but the pig managed to slip through and get away!

Stamford Police posted video of the pig chase to social media.

"This Piggy!!! Officers were dispatched on report of a loose pig in North Stamford. Attempts to catch the pig led (to the video). No officers or pigs were injured," the police department tweeted.

Eventually, officers got creative and used a garbage can to trap the little piggy.