Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: First look at the Millennium Falcon

ORLANDO, Florida (WPVI) -- This is the long-awaited Millennium Falcon ride.

Action News photographer Mike Niklauski was the pilot, our Christie Ileto attempted to steer.

The three-minute ride literally allows guests to climb into the cockpit and take control of the Falcon as a pilot, engineer, or gunner.

"Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run allows our guests to pilot the Millenium Falcon, for many of our Stars Wars fans, that's going to be an amazing experience in itself," said Senior Project coordinator, Greg Johnson.

Before boarding the spacecraft, you weave through the queue where cargo gets loaded.

The interactive experience allows guests to become the lead in their own Star Wars film.

And by years end, the Rise of the Resistance Ride will be a co-anchor attraction.

"This one will put you in the middle of a big battle between the Resistance and the First Order," said Johnson.
We got a sneak peek inside the second ride where guests will could even find themselves facing off with Kylo Ren.

And die-hard fans can't wait.

Fortunately, we did not face off with Kylo Ren, but the smuggling mission on the Falcon was nothing short of thrilling.


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