How should investors handle the stock market ups and downs?

"Don't let the volatility like we've been seeing here over the last couple of weeks shake you out," one strategist says
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's no secret the stock markets aren't off to the hottest start this year. Many investors have taken notice.

On Monday, the major indices initially dropped significantly, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing more than 1,000 points, only to see the day ending with gains.

So what's driving this and what should investors do?

Action News spoke with Mark Luschini, the chief investment strategist with financial services firm Janney Montgomery Scott.

"Don't let the volatility like we've been seeing here over the last couple of weeks shake you out," said Luschini.

When it comes to the drop in values and major volatility, there's a variety of driving forces currently happening. Among those forces are the rising tensions in Ukraine and record inflation.

"There are plenty of concerns. We're talking about inflation at 40-year highs. We've got geopolitical tensions over in Europe. We have a (Federal Reserve) that's shifting policy," said Luschini.

But he says investors should stay the course when it comes to their long terms goals.

"The golden rule of investing for me is that bear markets, deep dives where stocks plummet 20% or more and stay down for a prolonged period of time, are exceedingly rare if not accompanied by a recession," said Luschini.

He adds there are no signs pointing to that happening at all.

"Given the underlying strength of the U.S. economy, at the moment, which is eliciting no sign of experiencing a slow down to the point of threatening recessionary-like conditions," said Luschini.

Luschini also adds when drops like these happen, it could be seen as an opportunity. Prices are low so you may want to buy if you can.

"I think today was some evidence of that. We had a pretty wicked turn around from a market that had plunged down to almost 4,200 on the S&P 500 only to rally and close positively," Luschini.
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