Supply chain issues continue across Delaware Valley

"Everyone's fighting for the human capital, for the space for the truck, space at the port...," one expert said.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The lingering effects of the supply chain issues are centered around the pandemic, but the ripple effect has created problems at every level.

From staffing shortages, to factory closures, congestion at ports, and rising consumer demand, experts say the ongoing issues are not over yet.

"Everyone is fighting for the capital. Everyone's fighting for the human capital, for the space for the truck, space at the port, space for the raw materials. So, we are going to see a couple of months most likely until this whole thing shakes out," said Kathleen Iococca, an associate professor at the Villanova University School of Business.

Chris Mentzer, director of operations for Rastelli Market Fresh in Marlton, New Jersey, says he has been seeing it in real-time.

He said many grocery store suppliers are rationing orders.

"They will take a look at what they can actually pick for a night, based on the staffing and their trucking and then they cut it back so they can get enough groceries to all their customers," he said.

The result can be seen in discussions we had with supermarket shoppers.

Many of them say they now have to go to several stores just to find all the items on their shopping lists.

"I went to two, three different stores over the last couple of days to see it's just not here. It's everywhere and the prices are up like sky high," said Mona Glenn, of Philadelphia.

"(My son) is on PediaSure from WIC because he is a picky eater and they are always running out in West Philly. So, I said let me try coming here to City Line and see. The shelves are just as empty," said Lakisha Phinizee.
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