Some home health aide workers in Philadelphia upset after agency halts paychecks

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Dozens of home health aid workers with Sweet Home Healthcare in Philadelphia are upset because they say the agency hasn't paid them in weeks.

They add that this is a repeat problem with the agency

Workers showed up outside of Sweet Home Healthcare in Kensington on Friday demanding answers from the office, all with a similar complaint- they haven't been paid.

"They owe me three weeks, two of them are backpay for November," said Sal Delgado.

"My direct deposit didn't hit, this is the third week in a row. When I called this morning, just a busy signal. I called several times, same thing - busy signal," said Tina Robinson Brown.

So, many came to the Kensington office to talk to someone in person, but instead they found a note on the door saying the office is closed and: "We are aware payroll was submitted late and leadership is working to fix this matter."

Employees also received a text message promising pay on December 30th. But many say they have heard the excuses before.

Action News reached out to Sweet Home Healthcare, but we have not received a call back.
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