One man tells Becca he's falling for her, then takes it back on 'The Bachelorette'

ByJennifer Matarese WPVI logo
Tuesday, June 19, 2018

NEW YORK -- This week "The Bachelorette" picked up with the rose ceremony from last week. So far, to recap, you'll remember that Chris and Colton already have roses going into the night, and Clay did too but he decided to leave the show.

While talking with Blake, Becca and he started naming their three to five future children. Then they made out on the lower bunk of a bunkbed. The guys, meanwhile, are wondering what happened with David since he fell out of the top bunk last week. Jordan and Becca had some time to chat, and she gave him some gold boxer shorts! Hey, she was thinking of him, so that's a win right?

Suddenly, we see a limo arrive and guess who is back? David of course! He looks awful! He has a black eye and a completely swollen face. He broke his nose! He was still wearing his hospital bracelet. Then, he used his time to tell Becca that the thought of what they have kept him going. Becca took the opportunity to get up and get him a special rose! He happily accepted and she let him go back to bed to get some rest. Jordan was seething with the sight of David wearing a rose. As he left, he said, "What up Jordan?" Just to rub it in Jordan's face that he had a rose. Jordan was clinging to the hope that his golden underpants meant that a rose would come along as well.

At last, it was time for the rose ceremony.

1) Colton (from last week's group date)

2) Chris (from last week's one-on-one)

3) Jason

4) Wills

5) Nick

6) Christon

7) Lincoln

8) Blake

9) Garrett

10) Leo

11) John

12) Connor

13) Jordan

14) Jean Blanc

That meant that long-haired Mike and Ryan were sent home. Then Becca revealed to the men that they were all headed to Park City, Utah.

Becca arrived to the lodge in Park City to catch up with the guys and she announced that she would be stealing Garrett away for a one-on-one date. Their first stop was an alpaca shop where they tried on some very fuzzy hats and took some pictures of themselves. They tried on slippers and hopped around and even put on some oversized tourist shirts. After sharing some drinks and coffee, they took a little walk around town. They both talked about how it felt a lot like home there. Becca seems swept off her feet!

Back at the house Lincoln said that the earth is flat and it's due to friction. It boggles the mind why he thinks this, but he does.

On Garrett and Becca's date, Becca continued to gush about how handsome and amazing Garrett is. They went on a ski lift to the top of a mountain where they were going to go bobsledding! Two female Olympic silver medalists from 2006 were there to teach them how to bobsled. "Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time! Cool Runnings!" Anyone? Afterwards, they shared some champagne and talked about what a great time they had. Becca said her feelings for Garrett are coming on quickly.

For the evening portion of their one-on-one date, Becca and Garrett started to dig into their pasts so they could get to know each other better. Becca asked Garrett about his past relationship. He said he was 23, just out of college, and he revealed to her that he was married once and is now divorced. He said that he just fell in love with the wrong person. They were together for a total of 2 1/2 years and then he was married for just two months before they divorced. Garrett said that his ex was an emotionally abusive person and she drove a wedge between him and family and friends. He said that he just wanted to try to make it work out. He never knew anyone who got divorced before and he was embarassed about it. He really wants to find the right person. Becca said that she feels bad that he went through that, but she's scared he might not be ready after just two years to get down on one knee again. Garrett said that the next time he says, "I love you," is going to be to someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. She offered him the date rose, even though she's scared about his past. Then they walked down the street to a bar where they went to a concert by Granger Smith, a country artist. Becca and Garrett danced on the platform and she said kissing him was like nothing she ever felt before, "I'm in trouble!" Becca said.

Jordan, Chris, Blake, Nick, John, Lincoln, Leo, David, Conner, Christon, Jason, Colton, and Jean Blanc were chosen for the group date. Wills got the remaining one-on-one date. On the group date, the guys had to compete in a lumberjack competition! A lumberjack championship couple helped the guys train. First, they practiced splitting logs of wood. Jordan did it perfectly! Jean Blanc, Chris, and Lincoln all had a really hard time! Then, they threw axes at a target. Third, the guys flipped over some big 400 pound logs. Lastly, they divided up into teams to play Becca's Big Lumberjack Bash. In the end, it was Blake vs. John to climb a giant pole wearing spokes and John won it for the blue team! John won the golden axe from Becca. It's not a rose, but it was certainly nice for him to get it.

For the second part of the group date, Becca and the guys visited a distillery. Jason stole her away first and he told Becca that he was nervous he cares about her. He added that she was stunning head to toe and that the experience feels really good. They shared a passionate kiss and Becca said he's a great kisser. Colton told Becca that he was in love before but with Becca it's just easy and natural. They also did some kissing. As Jordan spoke to Becca, he showed off the gold undies and went in for a kiss. Then he put on a little dance for her. With that, the other guys all decided he wasn't there for the right reasons. Colton and Chris decided to tell Jordan that he was disrespectful and a clown. Jordan did his best to tell them that he doesn't care what they think and that he is sick of being approached by the guys in the house about his behavior.

Jean Blanc used his time with Becca to tell her that he had a gift for her. He gave her a fragrance that read "Miss Becca Blanc" on the bottle. Jean Blanc went in for the kiss and it was a bit too much for her. She couldn't really handle it. She thinks that he just thought he had to catch up so that's why he kissed her, not necessarily because he was feeling like it was the right time. As Becca talked to other guys, Jean Blanc stole her back. He told her that he feels a strong connection to her and said that he hasn't felt this way in a long time. He told her that he's falling for her and he just wanted to put it out there. Becca was speechless for a moment, and then said that it's very intense hearing that from him and she not on the same page. Becca was completely freaked out and told him that she didn't think that they could "get there" because they are on different wavelengths. He offered to take a step back, but she offered to walk him out instead. As they walked out, he said what about the gift? Becca said that she appreciated it, but then Jean Blanc countered by saying that he was just telling her what she wanted to hear. She said, "Why weren't you being honest?" He said, "Yeah, well." He had no way to justify it. Becca sat outside for a minute to think and then got really upset and stormed back inside.

She revealed to the guys that she was very upset. Becca told them what happened with Jean Blanc. She said that all she wants is honesty and if they can't give her that she doesn't want them to be there. She decided to not give out a rose that night, because she just wanted to go home. I think that Jean Blanc just had his pride hurt and said that. I don't necessarily think that he didn't mean it. Wills was a bit nervous as a result going into his one-on-one date because Becca would probably be very guarded.

Wills bounded through the snow to Becca to meet her for their date. It put an immediate smile on her face. She told him that she's determined to have fun despite the drama the night before. They boarded a snowmobile to go up a mountain. They stopped at a little campfire to take in the view. Lincoln did his best to tell Becca that he's there for the right reasons. He had a great listening ear and was very sympathetic to her situation. I really like him! He seems like a great guy.

During dinner, (where Becca revealed on a recent podcast that they don't eat while filming, they do it before) Wills told Becca that he's been hurt and devastated in the past. He said he thought this woman was his person, they dated for three years, they talked about getting married and she broke his heart out of the blue. He actually found her cheating on him. Wills said that he's ready and proposing at the end of this journey doesn't scare him at all. He does have a fear of not being enough for someone. How sad! Becca said that she has the same fears, but she still wants to find love. Becca offered him the date rose and he accepted with a kiss. The kissing continued as they walked outside and they had a steamy makeout session against a building.

Chris Harrison showed up at the hotel to speak to the men. He told them that there would be a rose ceremony, but without a cocktail party. They were going to go right into the rose ceremony. Receiving roses this week were:

1) Garrett (from their one-on-one date)

2) Wills (from their one-on-one date)

3) Leo (wow, maybe she digs his hair?)

4) Colton

5) Blake

6) Jason

7) Connor

8) Lincoln

9) John

10) Chris

11) David

12) Jordan

The men winced as they heard her call out Jordan's name! That meant that Nick and Christon would not move on. Next week, the guys and Becca are all headed to Las Vegas! Jordan promises that he's going to make a move, look out Becca! The preview showed Becca very happy, but we see another side of Chris. He gets a bit full of himself and says that he's better than all of the guys that are left. Also, you had to see this coming, David and Jordan will go on a two-on-one date.